Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back to Normal

OK, sorry about the whiny post the other day. It was actually the only really bad day that I had. The other days were actually quite relaxing, though it was a bit boring not having anything else to do besides knit and sit around. I can't complain about the knitting time, but I think if I decide to go again next year, I am going to pick the place. I would have really liked to have tried snow shoeing, but there wasn't anything like that offered where we were.

This wasn't a bad view to look at though...

Mountain View

Here is my finished Mobius, which was really fun to do, and as I said, the cast on is MUCH easier than people think...

Mobius finished

I also did another pair of Fetching from Knitty, but no time for a photo. Maybe later.

I can't complain too much when my daughter looks like she is having the time of her life, and what a view!!!

Kids Ski


DianeM said...

It looks awesome! Admit it - you're sorry to be coming home now ;-)

Fiona said...

Love the Mobius! Glad to hear your last post wasn't representative of your holiday (though having been a non-skier on a group skiing holiday I can sympathize) See you Wednesday!
Fiona x