Sunday, February 11, 2007


I am now on the 7th hexagon of the shrug. This means that I have finished the first row, and the following ones will be the shoulders, then the sleeves. I was starting to panic yesterday because it is pretty huge at the moment. I called Nathalie for some knitting therapy, as I was thinking that it is coming out too big. She told me, which makes sense, that when I start to connect it with the other hexagons, that it will probably pull it in. I hope so, or I'm not sure who this thing is going to fit. I did my gauge swatch, and as usual, I had to go down a needle size. I am going to soldier on, and trust in the pattern.

Vogue shrug 7 hex

I wanted to wait for all 7 hexagons to be finished before I took a photo, but as it was unually sunny today, I thought I would seize the moment!

I am averaging about a hexagon a day, so basically if I am not lazy, I can at least get onto the sleeves before I leave on my stupid ski trip next week. (This is my name for it as I don't ski and everyone else does. Its pretty much sitting in a lounge knitting week for me) I am working on what projects to take along, most likely not this one though, too big.

I think I forgot to mention which yarn I am using. It is Mission Falls 1824 Wool in Stone.

We got some fun new yarn in the shop this week. Its called Tofutsies from Southwest Trading Company. I might take this one along and try some socks. It feels like silky cotton, though its made with Soysilk and Chitin, which is derived from crab and shrimp shells. I thought it would smell funny(pit doesn't), and it is really soft. I am dying to try it out!


Fiona said...

The shrug's really coming on - I can't wait to see it finished( I'm very tempted to have a go myself) Looking at the pattern and how the pentagons sit I'm sure it will pull in together like Natalie says-it's all very 3D.
Looking forward also to seeing the new yarn on wednesday - sounds interesting!
Fiona x

blog-blethers said...

I bought this magazine too as I fell in love with this shrug. Mind you, I may make it for my eldest daughter as I'm not convinved yet that I wouldn't look like a puffy meringue in it:( You're getting on brilliantly already and can't wait to see the progress pics. As for the pet nightmare ... know how that one goes! The cherubs pleading for a pet ... parental notions of pet care encouraging them to be more responsible ... Hence, our household currently has 3 dogs, 4 cats and 2 rats!!! And if you think the pet 'stash'is bad, my sock stash is even worse!

Jill said...

I gave up after three pentagons! But shall be very interested to see what it looks like finished. It was the construction that appealed to me, more than the finished design.

Johanne said...

Your shrug is looking fabulous! I was fascinated by it when I saw the VK preview. I've swatched one pentagon in Rowan all seasons cotton and was thinking of knitting the shrug in DB Cashmerino aran, but I'll have to investigate the mission falls yarn. Good luck with it. Johanne

dawn said...

I hope the shrug is ok, it's quite difficult to assess sizes until there's a bit more knitting (a bit like how ribbing looks really wide until you start working the body). Your skiing trip sounds brilliant - knitting time during the day and apres ski for the evening! Maybe take a portable dvd player and some good films.