Saturday, February 17, 2007

Gone Knittin'

I'm off tomorrow on the ski trip. I love the people we are going with, they are some of the nicest people I know. The problem is that I am going to be in the middle of a ski mountain with nothing to do. I have spent the entire week deciding what to bring along in terms of knitting. I am definately not bringing the shrug, its too big, and too many balls of yarn. I did have a lazy week and only managed to do 2 more hexagons. I am planning to go for the big push to finish right after I get back, so watch this space!

I was able to finish my Fleece Artist socks this week. The pattern is Jeanne Townsends Spring Twists. It is available from her Yahoo group.

FA socks

I don't know why one looks longer than the other in this photo, I can assure you that they match up. The color is great, bright and fun, and they are so soft to wear. I love them! Here is a close up of the pattern.

HM closeup

I am also happy to announce that I have mastered the Mobius Cast-on. It is really very simple. I am using the kit from Fleece Artist, but also have Kat Bordi's book, which helps a bit. It is actually very easy. I was worried, so started it before I left just in case. Now I just have to knit away! I am hoping to finish this quickly and wear it on the trip.


I also cast on these socks. I've been admiring this color of Koigu in the shop for ages. It is not what I would typically choose, but its fun for a change to use something completely different. I am using the Badcaul pattern from Anna.

Green sock

Sorry about the blurry photo, didn't realize it until I got it into Photoshop. I have to be at the shop to open in 30 minutes, but you get the idea on the color.

I am also going to bring along my lace, which you can see below. It has grown quite a bit, but that photo came out terrible. Hope the next one is of it finished!

See you on the slopes...not!


yvette said...

Hope the sun shines for your non-skiing, I am with you and reckon it makes a great knitalong/spectator sport!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Hope you are enjoying your 'knit while they ski' trip. A word on the shrug - I just finished mine and it is HUGE despite getting gauge. I wish I had made it 2 sizes smaller. I would stop and google 'capecho' before you go any further as this seems to be a common problem. Am now going to partially frog and try this as it takes out one of the pentagons from the first row (scroll down for English):

Hope the shop is doing well and say hi to Natalie - sorry I haven't been to the knit group in ages.