Friday, July 20, 2007

In search of Summer

We are off to CT tomorrow, I hope to find some summer there as there is no sign of if here. I am in the shop now, its 10:30 am, and it looks like nighttime. I was thinking of putting the outside lights on that are reserved for evening hours. I usually am not that bothered by the weather, I am not much of an outdoor girl. When we lived in the U.S. I spent most of my time inside with the air conditioning. This is getting ridiculous though, it has rained nearly every day since some time in May. We have had the odd nice day, or half a day, but otherwise it has been cold and rainy. I am waiting to wear my summer clothes, but I guess they will only see the light of day for the next two weeks.

In knitting news, I am past the underarm on Coachella. Here are a couple of photos, I like the neckline. Its hard to know how it will fit me since "she" is a bit smaller than me. I am hoping to work on it during the flight, but it is all stockinette stitch, which gets boring rather quickly. My alternate project are STR socks, the latest from the sock club. We have recieved 3 intallments so far, and I have yet to knit one of them. Better get going.



We are awaiting some new items in the shop. One of which I can share with you since I last tracked it leaving Kennedy Airport yesterday. It should be on UK soil by sometime today. They are a completely new addition to our "Stash"...Great Adirondack. We are expecting two yarns, one is Silky sock, and the other is a laceweight (fancy that!). Here is a photo of a skein that I have been coveting for a while now.


I bought it when I was in the U.S. last year, and have loved it ever since. We've been thinking about getting them for a while, and now its finally going to be here.

We also recieved a new shipment of Serendipity needles. I know I have posted photos before, but this is a really clear one. Look at how cute they are! There is even a new smaller size, which I have been bugging them about forever!


Not sure how much posting I will be doing in Westport, depends on whether we can get the wireless to work at my in-laws house. If not, see you in two weeks!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

New Arrival

When I got to the shop today, I was surprised to find this waiting for me. I didn't think it was due until next month. I have only skimmed inside, but there are alot of great articles and patterns for all different types of felting. There is an especially interesting one on how to felt onto a silk scarf. Diane has done it before. May have to try that one. I'm excited to read further. Interesting bag on the cover as well!


Sunday, July 08, 2007

Finished at last

It feels as if I have been working on this forever, but looking back at recent posts, its only been just over a month. Considering that I finished the lace panels ages ago, I guess it didn't take that long. Anyway, here is the finished product...

Cathay top

I am pleased with the result. I promised myself as I sewed this together that my next garment will be done in one piece. I haven't done this much sewing in a while, and I forgot how much I hate doing it. I am not handy with a needle and thread at all!

Next on the burner is Coachella from Knitty in GGH Velour, red. It is underway, and I am down to the bottom of the front, almost ready to join again in the round. Hoping this will be quick and easy. Then it will be on the the Icarus shawl in Camelspin. I think that will be my Westport knitting along with some STR socks.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Laceweight and Tennis

Its late June/early July here in Southwest London. What else would be happening here but tennis, and of course...Rain! The amount of rain that has fallen here lately is unbelievable. I know that England has a reputation for bad weather, and I usually don't think its all that bad. This year it is bad and beyond. Put it this way, I am still waiting to wear my summer clothes. When is this going to happen? I guess they will have to wait until I get to Westport in 3 weeks!
Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to Wimbledon with Nathalie. We had been looking forward to it for a couple of weeks now. We did see a little bit of really good tennis, but then came the rain, and lightning, and hail! Not to mention the fact that both of us are pretty under the weather. Anyway, while we were sitting in the stadium for those few moments of tennis, I had a text message from Diane saying that the Malabrigo had arrived. Yes, in addition to the hugely popular aran weight, we are now stocking the laceweight. It comes in the same beautiful kettle dyed colors. It is a single ply with very little twist. When I first saw the sample skein I was a bit skeptical, but after Nic knit up a swatch, we all fell in love. When I say "we", I mean the Saturday crowd. We usually get them to be our test market. It has been very successful so far as most things that they like have gone on to be big sellers.

Malabrigo lace

For the next few days, you can find me in front of my TV watching tennis, and knitting during the rain delays!

P.S. Happy Fourth of July!