Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I finally finished the Cheri Amour, though not sure how happy I am with it. The pattern was easy, and worked up quickly. I chose it not only because I liked the styling, but because everyone on Ravelry looked good in it, no matter what their shape. I am not so sure about it on me, which is why I have only photographed the back. The front photos came out horrible, though I didn't think it looked that bad in the mirror. My problem area is the tummy, and this sweater is tight in that area. Not sure its a good style for me. What would Trinny and Susannah say?

The other problem is that I followed the pattern, and blocked it to the measurements, and it is definately not as long as on the girl in the photo. Is she extremely short? I should have noticed this as I was making it, but no way I am going back now.


I'll see if I can get someone else to take the photo later, maybe it will come out different.

I am pretty proud to say that I have finished most of my WIP's, and only have the Party lace scarf left. Hope to make some progress on that this week. In the meantime I have decided that I will make some jewelry with the goodies that I purchased in NYC.

We have a new arrival in the shop today, Casbah sock yarn from Handmaiden, as well as a new shipment of Sea Silk. This time we decided to be daring, and get the yarns dyed in Fleece Artist colors. We are getting a bit tired of the others, even though they are lovely. Its good to try something new after nearly 2 years. Wouldn't you say?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Been a while

I haven't done a post here in what feels like forever. Since Ravelry came on the scene, its so easy to post all of my knitting projects there. It is also so dark here at the moment, that I feel like its evening all of the time. Not feeling particularly energetic in that respect.

Anyway, we had a lovely holiday in the U.S.. First we went to New York, my old haunting ground. Its been such a long time since I spent more than an afternoon there. Our hotel was a block from Grand Central Station, so I was able to take the girls there every morning for yummy baked goods from Zaros, and the best coffee that side of the pond at Orens Daily Roast. All other coffee in the U.S. tastes like water to me since I have gotten used to drinking espresso! We did the whole Mid-town sightseeing thing, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (a must do that time of year). We hit all of our favorite restaurants, Carnagie Deli just to name one. Yummy!!!! Then it was on to Florida, and a cruise with my husbands family. You can see the photos below. I am not a boat person, so even though it was smooth as silk, I felt dizzy the whole time. It was alot of fun none the less. The weather was beautiful as you can see, now that what you call a beach! We then spent the next week at my parents, where the weather was a beautiful and sunny 85F every day. Can't beat that.

Now its back to London where it is pretty much dark all of the time, and my eyes are burning because it makes me feel tired. The only good thing is that it is not freezing like New York.

I did finish quite a few projects lately, here is a list:

Monkey Socks


Fingerless Dashing Gloves


Cherie Amour (body)


Chunky Scarf in Misti Alpaca


I've also been making jewelry since I took a class back in November. I made a bunch for teacher gifts, and didn't take any photos. This is one for my mom with some beads that I bought in NYC, the mecca of all things. You can find anything there, just like London (NOT!). The first bead shop that I walked into was double the size of all of the bead shops in London put together, and I had a list of 10 that I had planned to visit. Oh well, just have to make more trips back I guess.


We are busy at the shop as well, some new yarns due in at any moment. Keep checking the website!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Vacation Photos

I know its been a while. Just a few vacation photos until I have time for a longer post.

Our cruise ship.


How about this rainbow


One of the coolest balloon animals I have ever seen...


Its a killer whale!

Happy New Year!