Monday, January 29, 2007

Piggie Problems

OK, I know this has nothing to do with knitting, but I must have a rant. Since we got the guinea pigs for the girls a month ago, my life has been consumed with them, and the trouble that they are causing. It is mostly our fault for not doing our homework beforehand. We were just a typical family, who wanted to get pets for our children. We had heard that guinea pigs were supposed to be great for kids because they don't bite. It was nice that they like company and you should get two, which meant one for each of our girls. At the pet shop, the only cute ones were males that day. We were told that this was fine. After we got home and I went to other pet shops, I was told that you should not have two males, and that I might have to seperate them. Around a week later, they began to fight, but from what I read, this was normal fighting for territory, and should subside. To make a long story short, this one


ended up attacking this one to the point of bites, blood, and horrible squeals.


I have now had to house them seperately, you should see my kitchen!

Now for the good part. Last week, while all of this was happening, a customer came in for some help with magic loop on a hat. We got to talking and I told her of my problem. She told me never to buy an animal at a pet shop. I should have known this! She recommended the Bobtails Rescue Center. I have since been in touch with them, and I have to say that Delia has been so lovely and helpful. I have agreed to neuter them both, then she will take Patch (the black and white one), and will find us a nice girl for Charlie (fluffy one).
If you are thinking of getting a rabbit or guinea pig, I would urge you to get your animal(s) from her, we went there yesterday to take a look, and they have a great selection. This is not to say that males guinea pigs cannot live together, they just should be related, or have known each other from very young. I think that we just got extremely unlucky. I would say, please do not buy pets from this shop, although they are great for all of the accessories for your pet.
Many thanks to my customer that day, you were a great help! Hope you are magic looping away!

Now back to knitting. I have started the jacket from the cover of Vogue Knitting, we should have copies in the shop this week, I was told they were on the way. I should be finishing my first hexagon later today, photos to come!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


It has been forever since I have posted anything. I think its mostly because I haven't had much to say since the new year. I have done some knitting, but not much. The shop has been a bit quiet, mostly due to this horrible weather! Today was like a hurricane. No one wants to be outside on a day like that. It has also been so dark that its hard to take photos of anything. I managed to take some today in the shop, where the lighting is pretty good.
This hat is a Handmaiden kit that we had in the shop. It is for my husband, who is never cold, so I can never knit for him. We went out last week, and I noticed that he was wearing the most horrible hat, so this is for him. I really like how the colors came out, they didn't really pool, they made a design of their own. It is so soft, who can resist cashmere!

Cashmere hat

Here is my Fleece Artist sock, I have just started on the second one. Hoping to have them on my feet by sometime next week!
Fleece Artist finsished
Sorry this doesn't look that great, this new Blogger is not very easy to use!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


It has finally arrived! The UPS man delivered the 65lb box late this afternoon. As usual, there are a few colors that I really don't remember Nathalie and I ordering, but we put the order in last July. Anyway, there are definately some great ones. Tomorrow will be a day of putting price stickers on all 400 skeins, fun. Diane took this lovely photo of all of them together.


Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

It has been a very lazy week here. I have gotten tons of knitting and spinning done, which is great. Eric bought a new TV and promptly hooked up his XBox 360, so you know where he spent his week off, and loving every minute if it by the way.
Anyway on to the knitting...
The Fleece Artist box arrived last week, which included this lovely wool/silk sliver for spinning. I love this Amethyst

Sliver Amethyst

I started spinning it, and it looks like this


My only complaint is that there is alot of white in it. It almost looks as if there wasn't enough dye. I have pulled out alot of it as I don't want it to be too light. Will have to email them and ask if this is how it should be.

I also finished another skein of some other spinning that I have been working on. I think I have enough now to start a project, maybe a multidirectional scarf.


I've been working on the lace alot, but no photos. It is definately growing.

Also started this sock, now at the heel flap. Hoping to get to the gusset tonight. I am in love with the color!

Fleece Artist socks

I think it is called Jester, but not sure as the skeins don't come labeled. Will check it out tomorrow when I unpack the rest of the box at the shop.

The big excitement tomorrow will be that UPS has promised that the Koigu box will be delivered. Can't wait to see the colors as we ordered it back in July, so it will be a surprise! Should keep Diane and I busy for a few days!