Thursday, February 22, 2007

From the Mountain

I found out this morning that our hotel has Wi-Fi in the bottom floor. Now I am connected! How exciting is that. The first few days here were actually nice and relaxing. The view is beautiful. (OK, this connection is not that great, it won't let me upload photos. Just imagine a snow covered mountain, with lots of sun)

We are at the top of the mountain, so I can just sit on the deck and look out at the mountain. I did alot of knitting the first couple of days. Finished the Mobius. Once again, can't upload the photo, so you'll have to wait for next week.
I am now making myself another pair of Fetching as my other ones are pretty worn out.

I would say that three days would have been enough. Everyone else is off on all day ski outings. I had to eat lunch alone today, which is pretty depressing I have to say. I thought I would go to the village for a little retail therapy, but the shops were all closed for lunch, for several hours. Had to turn right around and come back. Pretty annoying. I have now told my husband that this is the last time I am doing this. He can take the kids alone next time, they are old enough.

The other thing is that there is nowhere outside for me to go other than the deck, and of course everyone is smoking out there as the indoor space is non-smoking. No fresh mountain air for me!

Sorry to be on a downer! Not sure if you saw the comments on my last post, but seems that lots of people are having trouble with the Vogue shrug. I guess I am going to have to frog a bit of it. I have complained to VK, but don't plan on hearing anything from them anytime soon.


PurlyQueen said...

You have my sympathies! I have never taken to skiing - too much snow, ice, heights and horrible ski lifts for me. I spent my last ski holiday trudging around boring shops and drinking hot chocolate on my own.
It doesn't matter what the tour operators say - skiing resorts are no fun for non-skiiers!

DianeM said...

You poor thing :-( Well it's nearly over, you can come back and knit with me all day instead of by yourself :-)

Jill said...

I reckn you should be home about now, not a moment too soon for you by the sound of it! Never appealed to me, though I have two grand-daughters ski-ing ths week in Switzerland with their schools, and both my daughters were keen, but they had to wait and go with school......

What a shame there is trouble with The Shrug, hope it can be sorted.

Jackie said...

Hey you. Do you remember me? Years since we've been in touch - and now I find you by accident and you're knitting and blogging and owning a yarn store. Too funny. I've had a knitting blog for almost 5 years, have been obsessed with it for as long if not more, though I haven't opened a store. Now we "travel" in the same circle in a way, and I didn't even know. Drop a line if you get the chance! I still have the same email. (and your girls, wow, real grown people already!)