Saturday, February 03, 2007

Shrug and New Stuff

This week has been pretty productive on the knitting front. I have made some headway on the Vogue Knitting shrug. I am on the fourth hexagon.

Vogue Shrug 1

Here is a closer look, the color is pretty true to the real thing in this one:

Vogue Shrug 2

This project is so much easier than it looks, I am really enjoying it. The only advice I can offer is not to use straight needles, the stitches will never fit. I'm not sure why this is what is written in the pattern, if you look at VK's website, they show it on a circular. Not sure what they are thinking.

Also got a bit of lovely new yarn in the shop. First is the softest cashmere in some really beautiful colors.


This is the same yarn that I used for my husbands hat, it was really great to knit with. I'm thinking of what else I can make with it!

Next, hot off the press is Sea Wool from Fleece Artist. It is a combination of merino wool and Sea Cell, the same as in Sea Silk. It should make a really nice, soft, silky pair of socks. Can't wait to try it out.

Sea Wool

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Roobeedoo said...

Hi there - does the shop do mail order? I would love to try Sea Wool but I live in northern Scotland...!