Monday, November 27, 2006

Wristers Too!

I have joined the Wristers craze. It seems to be going around Stash at the moment. Mine are done in Malabrigo's Velvet Grapes colourway, and is based on Fetching from Knitty. I ended up doing the cables in a way other than the pattern because I didn't bother to read the pattern carefully. I like the way they look anyway. I also made the thumb and finger part quite a bit longer so that they would cover my fingers a bit more. As usual, I had to go down a needle size, and change the amount of stitches cast on.

On another note, last week was Thanksgiving, which is why it took me so long to get a post up here. We spent the entire last week cooking, so not much knitting took place. I am now going to start my Mobius kit from Fleece Artist. I have to go take a look at the cast on, it looks a little tricky. More photos to come later.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Silk Shrug

It is finally finished! The Silk Shrug has been on the needles for what seems like forever. I have been stuck on the outer bit quite a while, but finally was able to cast off today. I did as I was told by some others in the knitting group, which was to cast off very loosley. Did a quick photo, I know it would look better in the daylight, but I am going to wear it out, and not sure when my hair will look good again!


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Intarsia and Swatching

There has been quite a bit of activity in our classroom lately. Last Tuesday we had the pleasure of hosting a class taught by Debbie Abrahams. It was so nice to meet her, I had heard what a great teacher she is, and how very nice she it, guess what, she is! Here is Nathalie learning not only beading, but two color beading. Very impressive.


and a close up of the work


She is now working on the back. I believe it is going to be a tooth fairy pillow, or something like that. I'll have to get a photo of the finished product. In case anyone is interested, we will be having Debbie back in the spring for a couple of classes, dates and topics to be announced.

Moving along, Monday night we had our Lornas Laces yarn tasting evening. I will post this photo, as it was the best one I got. I was trying to get them in action instead of posing, but they all look either bored, or very into their swatching. I am hoping it is the latter. I think it was quite successful as you can tell by reading Tales of the Knitty, and Wibbos Words.


The next event will be an evening with Debbie Bliss, which I believe is fully booked at the moment. I will have to work on events for the new year, but at the moment the next event will be Nathalies baby, which is due in just a few weeks!

I am also pleased to announce that the gallery is up in the shop. I'll try and get it online one of these days. One thing at a time!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Check it out

I am happy to announce that Debbie Bliss is coming to the shop. She will be in on Monday, 4 December from 7-9 in the evening for a talk and demonstration. She will bring along samples from her collections. Its always great to be able to see these kind of things in person to try on. I think this will be a really nice event, I've heard so many nice things about Debbie. I did get a chance to meet her briefly at Alexandra Palace, but it was quite busy there at the time.

On other fronts, we are getting closer to putting up the gallery in the shop. Nathalie bought these great magnetic things to hang on the wall, and I have alot of photos at the ready. We were all set to hang them up when I noticed that the wall is made of cement. I am a bit nervous that I am going to ruin the wall, so I am hoping that our friend Jack will be able to come by soon and hang them for us. I don't have much luck with walls and nails, if you saw what the walls look like behind the pictures in my house you would know!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Busiest Day

We had our craziest day yet on Saturday. I'm sure it was helped by the fact that Louisa Harding was in to promote her yarns, and sign books. She brought along some samples of the sweaters in her books. She is wearing the orange cardigan. Its always nice to see the finished products in person. This is what it looked like at the peak, you can spot many of our regulars as well, you know who you are.


I also finished a project for a change. It was a quick one, but the yarn is the softest ever! It is Misti Alpaca chunky, and the pattern is from Knitting Wisdom. It is a very easy pattern, which knit up in no time.



It was a welcome break from the Alpaca Silk Shrug, which I have nearly finished. I am on the dreaded 300 stitches of K5P5 ribbing, and it is taking forever. Meanwhile, I am going to start another Trekking sock in the most beautiful shade of purple. This time I am going to write my own pattern. Hope to have a photo in a day or so once it gets going.