Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yet More Yarn

It's official, we have a "Coming Soon" sign in the window. Now if I could only find out if we have approval to paint the sign on the top of the building. That is a bit frustrating. If they don't come back to us in time, we'll just have to have something made for inside the window, and do that soon after. There was a bit of progress today, the phone was turned on, and BT called me to say that we are in the directory, how cool is that! The guys worked on more of the shelving today, I didn't get over there to look, but I think it should be done in a week, I hope. Then the fun begins moving everything in. On the other side, a bunch more boxes arrived today. Here is a photo of one of the Artyarns. They are so beautiful. I think we are only waiting for one more company to ship, so I think aside from a few boxes in transit, most of the stock is in.

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Steph said...

Oooh - you're so lucky! I have all my fingers crossed for you! :-)