Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Peek Inside

I went over to survey the progress today. I think they will be done building all of the shelves this week. Then they have to sand and varnish the floors, and hopefully the carpet for upstairs will arrive. Then we wait for furniture. So many things to think about! Here is a photo of what it looks like so far, its hard to tell from this, and some of it is not quite in place yet.

The latest arrival was a 70lb box from Lornas Laces that arrived yesterday. It was so heavy that Nathalie had to help the delivery man carry it up her steps! The colors are gorgeous. An annoying thing that happened the other day was that we recieved our shipment from Malabrigo, but only one box arrived, I think the other is lost. I am hoping that they find it somewhere, I was looking forward to that one. I suppose it will arrive eventually, even if they have to reship.
In other news, my spinning wheel arrived, and I spent some much needed down time spinning some lovely blue yarn. I'll hopefully have something finished in the coming days and post a photo.
Anyway, I have to get back to work on the website. I am hoping to have more pages up in the next day or so instead of a marker page.
More to come...


Jil said...

I have just looked at the stashyarns web-site, you certainly have been very busy. It is all very exciting, for us as well as you two! It all seems to be coming together very well! And all those shelves.....can't wait to see them filled!

Anonymous said...

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