Monday, May 08, 2006

More yarn has arrived!

Well, the Koigu shipment arrived today. They usually take 9 months to ship their order. We were told that we would have ours in time for the opening, and they did it! I can't wait to go over to Nathalies house tomorrow to see it. She said that the colors don't look like what we ordered, but that they are beautiful. I will have to take some photos of all the yarn, she has a room full of it. I think that our husbands are both getting a bit annoyed, my house is full of sample skeins and books, and hers with boxes of yarn. Hopefully only a few more weeks to go. I arranged to have a sign made today to put in the shop window with "Coming Soon" and the logo, that should be up sometime Wednesday or Thursday. Next comes the website. I hope to have it up and running in a week or two. I used to do websites in my other life before children, so doing a simple one shouldn't be a problem.
Here is my latest flower, made with the Brown Sheep Lambs Pride worsted. They are really fun to make, this one was easier than the daffodil. Next I have to make the leaves. Anyway, hope to have more photos tomorrow.


knittingingrid said...

Ohmigod - I am soooo excited! I want to see the Koigu is the flesh! Can't wait until you open Michelle - it is going to be great! All us fellow knitters are right behind you and Nathalie!

caroline said...

I can't wait for your shop to open - every time I walk past I try to take a sneaky peak at what is happening.

PurlyQueen said...

I can't wait to visit your shop. Koigu is my favourite yarn and I *so* need some Brown Sheep right now to make a jacket that I saw in Interweave Knits.
I will do my best to be there on opening day.