Friday, June 01, 2007

Peruvian Plying

Despite my lack of bobbins...the new ones were ordered, but still haven't arrived. Hmmm, don't want to mention any names, but some places are so slow around here! Hoping they arrive some time next week or I may have to carve them myself! Anyway, Diane taught me a new technique the other evening for plying up a small piece of spinning to see how it will look without changing bobbins. Scroll down on this page for an example, it is the one where you wind it onto your hand.
Here is what my sample looked like...

Peruvian Plying

Then I knit it up, the first time I have ever knit anything I have spun. Thinking of doing a skein, and using it for the cuff on a bulky jacket that I have planned for the winter.

Peruvian Plying knit up

Next time I will try to take a photo of the yarn on my hand, but as it was my first time doing it alone, it was a bit tight, and my middle finger started to turn blue!

Off to start spinning more...

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