Sunday, June 17, 2007


I've been doing a bit of spinning since that weekend a few weeks ago when I knit too much (is that possible?). It doens't make much sense for me to buy yarn since I see tons of gorgeous ones every day, and don't even have time to use all of them. What else is a girl to do but buy fiber on Etsy! Some of the Saturday ladies in the shop turned me on to this site. It is full of beautiful hand crafted items, and of course, yarn and knitting related things. I started searching for yarn and rovings a while back, and found Copperpot, which is the one that I was using below to Peruvian ply. I am nearly done with that one, hoping to finish the second spool today.

This is what arrived during the week:


The top two are like pillows of fluffiness, 100% Merino wool. The bottom two are a mix of Merino and Tussah silk. They are a little felted, but I think that if I fluff them up, they should be alright. Worth a try.

These three arrived in my husbands suitcase yesterday. I thought since he was in CT that I could save on the shipping. They come from Fat Cats, and look how beautifully they are presented. like skeins of yarn. One is Merino, one is superwash Merino, and one is Falklands wool. I can't stop looking at them!

Fat Cats

They have great names like "Italian leather sofa", which is the reddish one.
Last but not least, I forgot this one the other day, my Trekking sock in front of the Duomo in Milan. Notice Roberta in the bottom left (in blue), on the telephone.

Milan Sock

P.S. I forgot to mention that we have some new arrivals at the shop. Misti Alpacas has arrived in laceweight in new colors. We also have Baby suri alpaca silk. It is so soft, and the colors have the most beautiful silky sheen!

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