Friday, June 22, 2007


This week has been tough at the shop. We have recieved some unbelievably beautiful yarns, and I am having to restrain myself. It is very difficult, you have to see for yourself. The first box to arrive was from Misti Alpacas. We have been waiting for the laceweight for ages. Alot of the colors have been on backorder for months. When the new color cards arrived, I fell in love with their Baby Suri alpaca and silk blend. It is so soft and silky. Nathalie agreed, and after some debate, we chose some lovely colors.

Misti suri silk

There was a lovely red one, but what a shock, it has all gone. The remaining ones are quite lovely as well, so don't feel as if you are missing out!

Next came Handmaiden box number one (number 2 due on Tuesday), full of Camelspin, yum!!! The colors are so rich. The last time we recieved this yarn, it lasted less than a week. This time we have ordered quite a bit more, so don't worry. Even the owner of Fleece Artist told me that she thinks this is their most beautiful yarn. Nathalie and I are in love. She is going to start a shawl this weekend in Peridot. I have settled on Amethyst, what a surprise, purple!


I am on the last pieces of my sweater, finally. Hope to finish next week and start a shawl. Any ideas for not too difficult lace using 900 meters?


Mary-Lou said...

I see what Nathalie means about the Camelicious - what gorgeous colours!

alex said...

Oh... alpaca lace weight! Sounds like my dream yarn! I've been meaning to visit Stash for a while, but now I really do need to make a visit. :)