Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Finished and Spinning

OK, I finally finished the dreaded socks. It was the never ending project. I think that I re-learned the pattern about 5 different times, but alas, they are done, and on my feet...

Seduction finished

Something else happened to me this weekend. With all the horrible weather, I did so much knitting that I got "knit out". I couldn't knit another stitch, so I decided to do some spinning. I haven't done any since we moved. I got out all my spinning stuff, and guess bobbins are all missing. How annoying is that! I searched the entire house, several times, and decided that they are a casualty of the move.

The next day, I ordered a few more, and borrowed one from Diane so I could participate in her Spin-a-long.

Crinkle Cut 1

It is one single that is very thick plied with one that is quite a bit thinner. Interesting effect though the colors aren't that exciting.

Now I am inspired, so hopefully my new bobbins will arrive soon!

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