Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yarn Tasting

We had our first yarn tasting evening at Stash this past Thursday. The event was sponsored by ArtYarns, one of our favorites. Not only do they have beautiful yarns and colors, but dealing with them couldn't be easier. They supplied us with lots of samples, which we divided up into goodie bags for everyone. I forgot to take a photo of what it looked like before we began, but here is a photo of the evening in progress.


These are a few of our lovely regulars at the shop enjoying a bit of conversation and swatching, as well as some nibbles. This is a good shot of some of Jills swatches.


These are pretty well organized. From left to right, the yarns are Silk Ribbon, Silk Rhapsody, and Ultramerino 6. I think the consensus was that all of the yarns were lovely. Not everyone loved the Silk fur, but honestly you would never knit a whole project with it anyway, it is more for an edging.

At the end of the week, some of the new Louisa Harding yarns arrived. It was a bit annoying that some of them are on back order, and we haven't been given a date as to when they will arrive. The other frustrating thing is that several of the colors in the book are only available in the U.S. It is annoying that yarns by a British designer are marketed mostly to the U.S, and the UK as an afterthought. Anyway, I hope the rest of it turns up at some point since the patterns are lovely.

This week we are expecting a shipment of Lorna's Laces which will include Shepherd Chunky, Lion and Lamb, and some new colors of sock yarn. I'll keep you posted...

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Mary-Lou said...

Looks like a great evening!