Saturday, September 09, 2006


Well, it has arrived, Trekking XXL. This is the sock yarn that everyone is talking about online. There are blogs everywhere doing Trekalongs. We are really excited to have it. I have been knitting a pair of socks with it, as you know, and I love it. The same company also makes some other interesting yarns, which we have in the shop. One can been seen below in a hat that I made. It is called Loft Color, it self stripes in a beautiful way, very softly. The other is called Unikat. I made a scarf out of it, which I forgot to photograph. I will try and do that today, and post it. It is the same type of yarn as the Loft, but a bit chunkier, and it doesn't seem to be dyed in one skein. Its as if they have assembled it after it has been dyed. They are both light, fluffy, and super soft, a welcome addition to Stash Yarns.


Girlie-swirls said...

cant believe i have lived in london for 10 weeks and not found you yet!! im only a few mins down the road, will be paying a visit very shortly!

Christine said...

I adore my Trekking XXL yarn - I'm glad you had a chance to see it and got it for the shop! I'll be back the next time I am in London because Stash is fabulous! :-)

By the way, you were mentioned in the Pointy Sticks podcast, episode 7!

mf said...

enjoy yoru trekking! Great yarn!