Monday, September 04, 2006

Help Wanted

Thank goodness Nathalie is coming back to work tomorrow. Besides the fact that it is strange not to have seen each other much over the summer, it has been extremely busy in the shop. It is hard work being there own your own for an entire week. I am also not sure when she will decide not to work anymore as she is due in December. I suspect that she will stay as long as long as she can get up and drive there! My next project is to find someone to work with us. I guess you can say that this post is sort of a help wanted ad. If anyone out there is interested, please email me at info(at) We are looking for someone to work part time during the week, Tuesday-Friday, and possibly a few Saturdays leading up to Christmas.

In other news, Saturday was really busy as usual. I have been a bit lazy getting my gallery section up on the website, and in the shop. Susannah came into the shop with her beautiful shrug knit entirely with the magic loop method. She used Malabrigo yarn, and it looks great!


Hoping for some good deliveries this week. I'll keep you posted.


Flossie said...

Hi Michelle

I'm working full time at the moment, but I'd be interested in helping out on Saturdays in the run up to Christmas if you find you need extra help.

Alice (I was in on Saturday morning...I'll be in again soon for Trekking XXL sock yarn!)

dawn said...

I think I've found the free pattern for the shrug that Susannah's wearing - the Hot Lava Cardigan

Christine said...

I wonder if my husband and son would be ok with me moving to England to work at Stash. Could I sleep upstairs? ;-) I guess that probably wouldn't work, but it sounds like it would be wonderful!