Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I have been taking a break from the socks with two projects. One is a scarf to use as a sample in the shop. The yarn should arrive next week, hopefully. The other is some spinning. A while back, I got some of this lovely silk and merino tops from Handmaiden. I am planning to do a strand of each and then put them together.
This is it before....


and here is the multicolored one after. Its amazing how the colors blend together. I am working on the semisolid now. It is not quite as bright as this, so imagine it a bit toned down.


In other news, the shop is open again. It was quite busy this morning. My only problem is that the girls are doing a tennis camp, and I need to pick them up at 3:30. I am going to leave Maria, my Au Pair in the shop during that time, but she doesn't know much about knitting, or how to use the till. Its only for 3 more days, today wasn't that bad.

I finally recieved the Fall issue of Interweave after a bit of a problem. Lets just say that I tried to go through a local route, but they proved to be very unreliable. Vogue Knitting should be here any day, as well as a new magazine by Vogue called Knit Simple. I am hoping that these arrive this week.
Some new yarn should be arriving next week as I said before, I'll definately have photos when it arrives.

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