Friday, August 31, 2007

Open for Business

I can't believe that two weeks have flown by so quickly. The shop is opening again tomorrow, looking forward to seeing some familiar faces. I admit that I haven't done a ton of knitting this summer. At first it was due to the extreme heat of Westport, but I can't say it was the same in France. Actually, the weather was horrible! Did someone fast forward us to November and not tell us? I thought this was supposed to be global warming! I never thought it was possible for August to be this cold. Despite it all, our trip was a huge success. I loved doing the drive, and being on the other side of the road in the wrong car wasn't a problem at all. Nathalies and my kids had a ball together, which made life pretty easy for us. What started out as evenings watching Lucy Neatby videos quickly turned into my latest obsession...Itunes! Yes, we caught the bug and downloaded our favorite shows, and watched TV. We started with Greys Anatomy, then moved on to Dexter, it was great. Nathalie was good and worked on her Log cabin blanket, but I was lazy and did alot of nothing! Oh well, we are all entitled to a knitting holiday sometimes too.

Upon my return, the shop burglar alarm started going off. I spent most of my week meeting the engineer there to figure out what is wrong. I even had to make a trip over at 1:00am the other night, that was alot of fun. I do believe he has figured it out now, which he had better have!!! I am not much fun in the middle of the night.

This week we should see a long awaited shipment. It shipped last Monday, and the UPS man left a slip through the door on Thursday. Since we are closed, I am hoping that he will redeliver on Tuesday. Can anyone guess what it is?


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