Thursday, August 16, 2007

They're all here now

Its what we've been waiting for...what everyone has been asking about daily, and they both arrived on the same time day, nearly at the same time! Vogue Knitting and Interweave Knits!!!
I actually picked up a copy of Vogue in CT a couple of weeks ago, it is really a great issue. The first interesting thing is that it is the 25th anniversary issue, so they have published alot of patterns that were popular before, such as the circle shrug that I knit a while back. Another item of interest is that alot of the patterns are knitted in silver, as in "silver anniversary". I love the cover most of all, actually the multiple covers. There are several covers, each showcasing a different yarn company. Pick your own favorite! I found a photo of the top cover here

Vogue cover fall 07

I know its a little blurry, but I didn't have time to take a photo of my own copy. Anyway, I love the scarf, though not sure how it would look on me.

Lets not forget Interweave knits. Unfortunately I couldn't find a photo, and am not at the shop. This is Eunny Jangs first issue as editor, so it should be one for the archives.

Don't forget that Stash will be closed for two weeks after this Saturday. Note, we ARE open on Saturday. The only weekend that we will be closed will be the Bank Holiday weekend. So see you back on the 1st September.

On to knitting... I finally have a project on the needles after the heat of Westport, and getting back into the swing at the shop. There have been so many orders to place, and other business items to take care of. I started the Icarus shawl in Camelspin, Amethyst from Handmaiden. After some swatching, I decided on 3.25 needles, which seems like what most people out there are using. I am only on the first repeat, but here it is

Icarus shawl beginning

I like that most of this shawl is quite easy. It shows off the beauty of the yarn, and I don't have to concentrate too much. The complicated part, when I have to hide from my children will come later. Should be good for holiday knitting next week in France!

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