Monday, August 14, 2006

Trekking Away

I am definately sock obsessed. Straight on the tails of the Jaywalkers are my newest sock using Trekking 107. It is really soft, but hard to tell what this is going to look like knitted up. The ball looks like shades of pink and green with some blue. It is really interesting to see what color comes next. The pattern is from Jeanie Townsend, which I got from a Yahoo sock KAL group.

Trekking 107 sock 1

We are off to Portugal tomorrow, extremely early I should add. Our flight is at 7:20 out of Gatwick. I think I am getting up at 3:30 or something horrible like that. The only good thing is that we should arrive at our destination by noon, which is nice. I can't decide what other projects to bring along. One thought is a curly whirly out of Blue Skys Alpacas Alpaca and Silk with a Tilli Tomas border. I think these look great together.

Tilli Tomas and Alpaca Silk

Here is another finished product. This was a quick, one skein hat with a yarn that we are thinking of for the shop. As you can see, my daughter loved it. She would not take it off despite it being August.

Purple hat

I love how it self stripes. It is feltable as well, and is a chunky weight so it knits up quickly. Nice for the coming winter.

Well I'm off. Happy Holiday!


Heather said...

The Blue Sky Alpaca looks beautiful, I can almost feel how soft it is from here, and the hat is fabulous colours. Hope you have a lovely holiday.

PurlyQueen said...

Yum, yum - I can see that yarn finding its way onto my shopping list!

sharon said...

I love that hat yarn. It's warming just to look at!

Jenn said...

and what yarn is that hat made out of? It looks like the perfect winter hat for here!!!!

knit nurse said...

gorgeous yarn in the hat! Pls stock it and tell us what it is so we can come and buy it ready for christmas presents.....!