Thursday, August 24, 2006

Back Home

We are back from a week in Portugal. The house we stayed in was great, although it had the worst bed I have ever slept in! We had a great pool, the beach was just a short drive away, and I did quite a bit of knitting. I even read a book, which I haven't done in ages. I read The Time Travellers Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger. What a great book. Anyway, on to the knitting. Here is the sock on day one:


and here is the finished product a few days later:


I am really not sure about this colourway. It seems to be a popular one on blogs, and in the ball it looks like a fun pink and green. In the end, it seems a bit Christmas-like. I have started the next one, but not very inclined to finish it. Any comments would be greatly appreciated as I am picking colors for the shop, and not sure if I should get this one. I would say that the photo here is quite accurate.

I love the beach in the Algarve, this year the waves were pretty small except on the last day. We spent alot of time building sand castles.

Sand Castle

and just relaxing


A few more days and back to work!


Monika said...

You must keep going with you socks. I like this color very much!

Sue said...

Since you have one sock done ( a lot of knitting! ), you should definitely finish the second one. These would look great with jeans!

joanna said...

I too was thinking that these socks, while not terribly exciting in color, would look great with jeans on a day when you are feeling a bit more subdued.

Anonymous said...

I actually love the way the sock turned out and have ordered that colour myself. I like the duller effect which would look nice with some jeans. Finish the other sock :-)

Bente B said...

I love the sock, the colors look great to me ;) I'm going to London in September and the first place I'll visit is StashYarns *lol*
Lovely photos from Portugal ;)

Wendy said...

I love that sock! The colors are so earthy. Maybe you are having second sock syndrome? If you really just hate it, send it to me, I will finish it. Maybe we can work up a trade?

MellyKnit said...

Definitely make the other one. If you still hate the color that much by the time you finish, give the pair away, either to someone you know or to charity. But it may grow on you by then. I really like the color.

blog-blethers said...

I love the autumnal colours in this yarn! This would be one I'd pick for me - rather than all the pink or brighter shades I usually get badgered into knitting the girls' socks in. Lovely holiday pics too!

Christine said...

I was very "meh" on my Trekking XXL in color #107 also. I finished the second one though and I liked them better. The interesting thing is how they skeins differ one from another - I've seen some that are much more green than mine or yours were. I had color #68 when I was at your shop this summer, which I get lots of compliments on, and #100 is one of my favorites, along with the one that is just purples, blues and grays. Ok, really, I love all Trekking yarn.