Monday, June 12, 2006

Week One

I was going to post some photos, but since so many people have put photos of
us on their blogs, I thought I would just point you in their direction.

Our first day was great, lots of people came in who live locally and have been
watching our progress. There are alot of knitters in the area who have been
waiting for a yarn shop. Apparently there used to be 3 wool shops in Putney
years ago. Well, no worries, we are here now.
One of our first customers was Wibbo, who I had met at Olympia. It was really nice to see her again. I think she enjoyed her visit, she took lots of photos, even one of me! I hope she comes back again soon, bring along a project and we can get some coffee!
Our next online review came from the Purly Queen  (I love that name). She seemed to have a good time as well, which was confirmed by her blog entry.

Another familiar face was Yvonne of And all that Stash fame. I am very glad that she enjoyed the air conditioning, as well as other things. We are very happy at the moment with that
investment as I am completely melting at home. Don't think that I haven't
considered sleeping at the shop! I think the first week went quite well, looking forward to the next one. Now that our work is slowing down a little bit, I have my first project in a while, a tank top in Lana Grossa Binario. Hope to get a photo in a few days, you can tell I have been lazy with that one. Oh well, the shop has been keeping me busy.


Yvonne said...

It's not often I vist the same yarn shop 2x in 3 days and spend on both occasions!

I spent this afternoon (when I should have been concentrating in a meeting) having fantasies about both your yarn and the airconditioning - why else would I have spent this evening trying to find the Brown Sheep pattern I've waited years to make!

Jill said...

Other blogs where you are complimented on the shop are and

See you tomorrow - I'm bringing a friend....