Thursday, June 15, 2006

News Worthy

It was a beautiful sunny day here in Southwest London. It has been very busy in my house as my parents are visiting, and my in-laws arrived today as well. It is my BIG birthday this weekend. I have been quite busy with the shop, so haven't been dwelling on it too much. The exciting news today was that we were featured in the local newspaper, The Wandsworth Borough News. They wrote a full page story about us including photos.

I don't think we look too bad considering we felt quite foolish while the photgrapher was there. I'm not sure if it had any impact, but the shop was full of people today. We had our first workshop run by Nic. Then Purly Queen arrived with some of her friends, who seemed to be having a nice time deciding what to make, discussing patterns, and swatching a bit. They stayed for a good bit of the morning, which was nice. We are really happy that people seem to be enjoying the hanging out part of the shop, which is what we really want it to be all about. The tables arrived today, so we will now have a place to put our patterns while we sit in the comfy chairs. I am also working on a new feature, a Wish List. You can come in and fill out the form, which we will keep on file and will list the things you really want, sort of like a Wedding Registry without the china. Then you can send your friends and family in to buy your birthday present and they will know exactly what you want! Nathalie though of that one, and I am off to work on it now.


smug sheep said...

I saw Purly Queen's review. The shop looks great, and I'll definitely try to make a trip out there in the next few weeks. Looks like you have quite a lot of hard to find US brands. I like the wishlist idea too.

Wibbo said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle! I think my Stash Wish List would probably say 'anything and everything, preferably in purple'!

Christine said...

We were going to head over to Stash today - it was the only thing we had planned - but we should have checked the site first because we would have then known that it was closed! Oh no! But we WILL be there on Wednesday! :-) I can't wait!

knittingingrid said...

Hi Michelle
A belated happy birthday! It's not so bad passing that milestone! And look what you have accomplished this year!