Wednesday, June 21, 2006

View From Above

We are into our third week now. The group was in today for the usual Wednesday meeting. I think all of the regulars showed up. Here they are in action, though is it a bit bright due to all of the windows.

We have put out quite alot of sample skeins of the yarns that we stock so that anyone who comes in can do a row or two and see how they like the yarns. It is so difficult to know if you are going to like a yarn until you actually get to try it out. This is what is on the table upstairs as well as downstairs.

Here is a view from above. The tables have finally arrived, which makes it much easier to sit in the chairs and knit. Now there is a place to put your pattern and yarn.

There's Ingrid sitting down there having a look through some new books that arrived yesterday, and Nathalie helping someone figure out a pattern, something which she is much better at than me. Thank goodness one of us is good at maths!

We have had some other good blog reviews such as this one that came through in an email yesterday from Katie who came in with a friend the other day. Thanks Katie!

Today we had a visit from Christine of The Big Pink Cookie fame. Nathalies mom found her blog, and we have all been following it. I was hoping that she would stop in, and here she is with her lovely Koigu shawl.

It was really nice to meet her after following the blog. Hopefully we will see her around again.

Alot of people have been asking about our class schedule. I have a bunch of classes lined up, two in July, and then starting again in September. I hope to have that up on the site in the next day or so. Keep an eye out.


Rachel said...

Hi Michelle, I live locally and would be really interested in coming to your Wednesday meet-up. If it's still happening and you're accepting more people, please email me: blind_lisa at yahoo dot com. I look forward to hearing from you. :-)

Christine said...

Oh look, there is the sock there with me too! I'm impressed that the picture came out so well - I normally hate photos of myself. If you could e-mail me the original, I would really appreciate it! :-) christine@ my domain (bigpinkcookie) will get to me!

I'll let you know when the next Pointy Sticks podcast is online too, since I'm sure I will be yarn and Stash gushing all over again!