Saturday, March 05, 2011

Two Seconds of Fame

This weekend is the Fabric and Fabrications Quilt Exhibit at the Southport Congregational Church. I went last year with Jennifer and Lisa. Unfortunately, Jennifer is away, so it was just Lisa and myself this year. This is the ninth year of the exhibit, and it features over 150 quilts. They never use a quilt twice, so thats about 1000 quilts that have been shown so far. Some of them date back to the 1800's, and most are hand quilted and/or embroidered. Even if you don't like some of the designs, you can appreciate the work that went into these works of art. 

Here is a small example of some embroidery. Keep in mind that this is only one square of not one, but two matching quilts. 

This is a bit farther away

The best part of the day, aside from the lovely lunch that the ladies put on, was the fact that Lisa and I were the subject of several photographers. We appeared in not one, but two articles today.

The first from the Fairfield Patch. You can scroll through the photos to find us after you read the article, or here we are


The quilt we are in front of was one of our favorites, a modern quilt done by several different people in the same style. 

Then we appeared in the CT Post along with this photo. Don't we look mesmerized. 


If you can't make it today as its getting a little late, try not to miss this fantastic exhibit next year. Who knows, maybe you can enter one of your own quilts, they are always on the lookout!


Joanne said...

I went to it today and was amazed at all the hand quilting. So many beautiful quilts. It was definitely worth visiting.

Jennifer said...

I love this show. I'm so glad you posted so I can feel like I got to go, too. Look at all the great press you got. Woohoo! Maybe we should all make quilts for next year?