Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time Out

The past couple of weeks my knitting and crochet projects haven't been the most fun. I was frantically working on my Crochet Club for this month. This month focused on beading, which was beyond boring! It was tons of work, all in single crochet (of double for those of you in the UK). It was driving me crazy, but I finally forced myself to finish so that I could get a week away from it before the next installment arrives. Here are a few photos of some pieces so far. 

I think its going to be fantastic when its finished, but I can't say that I am entirely enjoying it. I guess my first love is knitting, and its taking me away from that, and I'm not happy!

My other project, the Cusp sock isn't going well either. I made a big mistake along the way, and had to unpick a bunch of rounds. That is when I decided to do a quilting project. 

Maybe I was inspired by last weekend, or maybe it was the fact that I have had this quilt since November waiting to go in the spare room. Back in November I went to a sample sale at Denyse Schmidts studio. I am a big fan, and grabbed a bargain. The problem was that it was a $350 quilt that I got for $75. The matching pillow shams were $65 each, and I needed three, so I decided to make my own. I ordered matching solid fabric, which has been sitting around since December. When all of my other projects got annoying, it was time to break out the sewing machine. 

First of all, I got to try out the new quilting extension table that I bought last year

Here I am trying out my new Walking Foot

I wanted to make them in the spirit of Denyse Schmidt, nothing would be exactly square, and the quilting didn't have to be straight. Basically the idea was for it to be all wonky (one of my fave British expressions).  Here is one after quilting. 

and here is the finished product, on the bed

I think there is going to be more quilting in my future. Back to knitting for the weekend though.

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Jennifer said...

Wow - I love the pillows. The fabric matches so well, you'd swear it was the very same. I like the circles versus rectangles/stripes - it makes a very pleasing pattern.