Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Field Trip...again

My knitting group is such a wonderful bunch of women. Not only are they all great knitters, but they like to venture out and see whats going on in the knitting world. Did I mention that they are all super nice, and fun as well! 

Today we took a short ride up to Knit New Haven. I had visited about a month ago, and thought it would be fun for the group to go for the morning. It reminds me so much of Stash. The owners, June, Julia, and Linda are always there, ready to help you find what you need or  just talk about knitting, spinning, or anything fiber related.  There is a big table in the middle of the shop, inviting you to sit down and knit, sort of like another yarn shop I remember very well. 

I have been in a little bit of a slump the past week. The Crochet Club installment for this month has me baffled. The photos of the finished product are not what I was expecting, so I've decided to wait a while before I begin. My Cusp sock is in limbo after a mistake that made me unpick 10 rounds on size 2mm/US0 needles. I am in need of a new project. Ta Da!

Its Cormorant by Norah Gaughan. I've been eyeing it on Ravelry for a while. It calls for Berroco Ultra Alpaca, a yarn that I've been wanting to use again. A perfect solution to my doldrums. I'm using Salt and Pepper, 6207. Let the swatching begin!

While we were there, Jennifer continued her quest to make a Cluck of Chickens

They are Chicken Egg Cozies, can you stand it. I can't wait to see them finished. 

Here we are with our purchases

Don't forget lunch at Judies if you are in New Haven. They have the most fabulous bread, and its still warm when you buy it. Yum!


Flossie said...

Oh your knitting ladies look lovely. I think I'll always miss Stash; my Saturdays spent there were always wonderful. Your new knitting project looks beautiful too. X

Michelle said...

Thanks Alice! Miss you too.

Jennifer said...

It was so much fun! Thanks for organizing our adventure Michelle!