Sunday, May 27, 2007

Works in Progress

Its Bank Holiday weekend here, or Memorial Day weekend as I used to know it. The scary thing is that it is also my older daughters 10 year birthday, double digits. It is strange to think that I have a 10 year old, closer to teenager than little girl. Alot of my friends still are having babies, or have little ones, and my little girl is closing in on puberty! Lets try not to think about that too much! We did have a nice day despite it being very rainy (what a surprise!). We have a friend's daughter for the weekend, so they are busy and thus...time to knit. I have not finished anything in a while. As a matter of fact, I finished my first Seduction sock when I was in Florida. I am determined to finish the other one this weekend, not too far off.

Seduction socks

I love having a conservatory, it makes it much easier to photograph, even on a rainy day!

I also finished both panels for the Surplice Lace top. I am a little concerned that they look shorter than in the photo, but they are the length that it says, and the top is longer than I want it to be according to the pattern. I can always add on later if it seems too short, but it says that it is going to be 22 inches from the back of the neck, and that is really long for me. Trust in the pattern, she says.

Surplice top panel

And a close up (the color is a bit better here).

Surplice top close up

Next, I have broken down and decided that I need a mindless sock to knit. I never thought I would do a stocking stitch sock, but it is pretty relaxing. I really like this yarn. We had a sample a while back, but the color was so bad that I forgot about it. It is Trekking Pro Natura, wool with bamboo. I have heard that when you wash bamboo it gets silky, so I'll let you know.

Pro Natura sock

Lastly, don't forget that Stash is having our first anniversary sale. I can't believe its been a year already! We have lots of yarns that we are going to reduce to make way for new stock that will be arriving. Nathalie made a list, but I believe it will be a selection from Debbie Bliss, Noro, Lana Grossa (including all of their sock yarns), GGH, Crystal Palace, Feza, Rooster, and lots of other odd balls and end of dye lots. Hope to see you there!


Fiona said...

The surplice lace top is looking just gorgeous . I fell in love with the pattern as soon as I saw it on your blog - can't wait to see the end product .
I also have a thing about tenth birthdays . I remember it as a big deal for myself, and James will reach it in November. It really does feel like turning a corner. He's got his first proper exams after half term so what would have been a relaxing week is now going to be full of me having to nag him to do some revision - how quickly things change!

triciahill said...

Hi Michelle, Just wanted to tell you that Amy from Knitty is asking on her blog whether any yarn shops would like her to visit and teach/lecture while she is over in Europe sometime in the late summer. I though you might like to have her at Stash - I should think it would be a popular event. See you soon - looking forward to the sale!