Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Up and Running...nearly

I am happy to report that although we still don't have internet in our house (its only been a month now) I have been able to link up wirelessly at the shop. Yippee!
The shop website should be updated on a more regular basis now! At least I can read my emails, they have only been piling up for a month.

I'm back in the shop. Diane is on vacation, so its Nathalie and I, like the old days. Looking forward to hanging out with her, as well as getting some work done around here. I did recieve an email that our Sea Silk has shipped, should be here by early next week. I also hope to have some photos of my shawl, finished socks, and some lovely Koigu that I purchased. Might include some Disney photos as well!
Nice to be back online!!!

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