Thursday, November 16, 2006

Intarsia and Swatching

There has been quite a bit of activity in our classroom lately. Last Tuesday we had the pleasure of hosting a class taught by Debbie Abrahams. It was so nice to meet her, I had heard what a great teacher she is, and how very nice she it, guess what, she is! Here is Nathalie learning not only beading, but two color beading. Very impressive.


and a close up of the work


She is now working on the back. I believe it is going to be a tooth fairy pillow, or something like that. I'll have to get a photo of the finished product. In case anyone is interested, we will be having Debbie back in the spring for a couple of classes, dates and topics to be announced.

Moving along, Monday night we had our Lornas Laces yarn tasting evening. I will post this photo, as it was the best one I got. I was trying to get them in action instead of posing, but they all look either bored, or very into their swatching. I am hoping it is the latter. I think it was quite successful as you can tell by reading Tales of the Knitty, and Wibbos Words.


The next event will be an evening with Debbie Bliss, which I believe is fully booked at the moment. I will have to work on events for the new year, but at the moment the next event will be Nathalies baby, which is due in just a few weeks!

I am also pleased to announce that the gallery is up in the shop. I'll try and get it online one of these days. One thing at a time!

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