Monday, November 06, 2006

Busiest Day

We had our craziest day yet on Saturday. I'm sure it was helped by the fact that Louisa Harding was in to promote her yarns, and sign books. She brought along some samples of the sweaters in her books. She is wearing the orange cardigan. Its always nice to see the finished products in person. This is what it looked like at the peak, you can spot many of our regulars as well, you know who you are.


I also finished a project for a change. It was a quick one, but the yarn is the softest ever! It is Misti Alpaca chunky, and the pattern is from Knitting Wisdom. It is a very easy pattern, which knit up in no time.



It was a welcome break from the Alpaca Silk Shrug, which I have nearly finished. I am on the dreaded 300 stitches of K5P5 ribbing, and it is taking forever. Meanwhile, I am going to start another Trekking sock in the most beautiful shade of purple. This time I am going to write my own pattern. Hope to have a photo in a day or so once it gets going.


Mary-Lou said...

Wow! - looks like a great party!

Hannah said...

That Misti chunky Alpaca is glorious! Soooo soft! I bought some on Friday and knitted it into a Moebius scarf that is wide enough to cover my head and the back of my neck, so no drafts. Chocolate brown mmmmm

Flossie said...

Ooh look, there I am!

I had a lovely time on Saturday. I LOVE the Black Purl Lorna's Laces sock yarn I bought. I'm already at the heel flap on the first sock. Hope to finish it by the end of the week. Considering the last sock I knitted took over 2 months, this is very good news!!

Alice x