Friday, November 10, 2006

Check it out

I am happy to announce that Debbie Bliss is coming to the shop. She will be in on Monday, 4 December from 7-9 in the evening for a talk and demonstration. She will bring along samples from her collections. Its always great to be able to see these kind of things in person to try on. I think this will be a really nice event, I've heard so many nice things about Debbie. I did get a chance to meet her briefly at Alexandra Palace, but it was quite busy there at the time.

On other fronts, we are getting closer to putting up the gallery in the shop. Nathalie bought these great magnetic things to hang on the wall, and I have alot of photos at the ready. We were all set to hang them up when I noticed that the wall is made of cement. I am a bit nervous that I am going to ruin the wall, so I am hoping that our friend Jack will be able to come by soon and hang them for us. I don't have much luck with walls and nails, if you saw what the walls look like behind the pictures in my house you would know!

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Christine said...

I wonder if my family would notice if I came to London to visit the shop and meet Debbie Bliss? Think they would miss me? ;-) Oh well, I'll have to admire from across the ocean. Sounds FANTASTIC though!