Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lovely Weekend

Its been a really great weekend. Eric and I went to the Wimbledon Ladies final yesterday. It was a beautiful day, sunny and not too hot. We met a couple of friends for a picnic on the hill before the match. I have to say that the match was everything you could ask for in a final, 3 sets, and exciting. I was happy to see Mauresmo win. I love that we live so close, being a tennis fan, its a real treat to be able to go. Last night we had dinner at a friends which was very nice, good food and good company.
Today I finally had a day to rest and do nothing, a rarity lately. I am slightly obsessed with my magic loop sock. I love that there is no fiddling around with all of those dpns. Everything is done right on the circular. I turned the heel last night when we got home, though I was still a bit drunk. Today I have been working on it between watching the mens final. I was rooting for Nadal, but maybe he will have his turn next year. Here is a photo of the sock.


This week we recieved our shipment of Fleece Artist. The sock yarns are beautiful. We chose some colors that could be used for baby clothes, or other garments as well as socks. We were thinking 4 ply. We also got a bunch of kits, the dreadlock poncho, and the Cat Bordhi mobius scarf kit, which I am dying to make. I'll try and get a photo of some of it this week. I didn't have the camera in the shop the day that it arrived. We also have in most sizes of the Addi Natura needles. If you love Addi, and would like a circular in bamboo, they are lovely. Nathalie had a pair, and everyone in the group wanted to try them, so we thought stocking them would be a good idea.
The kids are now off from school, this week should be interesting! Next week its off to the States.


noblinknits said...

Great sock. I tried magic loop once, rather half heartedly I admit, and didn't get a long with it but it is a technique I'd like to master.

noblinknits said...

Ok you've called me. I'll try to come by on the 29th. Will you be there? I'm leaving London to go travelling round the world and I really, really want to come by before I leave but 1) I'm quite busy and 2) I can't buy anything!!! How can I visit you but not purchase???????

Anonymous said...

i would just like to say what a beautiful sock. would you care to share yor pattern? i am looking for new ideas this year and i realy would like this to be at the top.