Monday, July 24, 2006

Connecticut Holiday

I've been here in CT for a week. I have to admit that I don't always look forward to the trip, 7 hours on a plane with my kids, then a week of adjusting to the time zone. When we first got here, it was so hot, the past few days it has been raining like it was the end of the world, but today was beautiful. I have been spending my time doing several things, the first one being shopping. The sales here are great, I got a great pair of jeans that retail for $159 for $20, gotta love that! The next thing has been the beach. My mother in law has a house right on the beach, it is like a wonderland for the kids. Here is my daughter holding up a huge horseshoe crab. It looks like something from prehistoric times.

Horseshoe crab

The next item on the agenda has been visiting knitting shops in the area. My first stop last week was at Janet Kemp. She was very nice, and had some yarn that I am very interested in.


Check out the one on the top. It is really unusual in that there is more than one color in each strand. It is really soft, and can be used for sweaters or felting. I can't wait to swatch it up.

Next I went to Knitting Central, which is right up the road from my inlaws house. There I bought a ball of Trekking sock yarn, which I can't wait to try. I also picked up a ball of Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyes. I have the color cards at the shop, but its hard to tell what its like from that little piece. I really want to swatch it up, but have no ball winder here. I might have to get my husband to help me.

I also visited Knotty Girl. Debi was really friendly. I was interested in seeing the Namaste bags. She had one as a sample, but said the others were on the way. I was not that interested in the pleather bag. It was cute, but nothing that great.

Tomorrow I am thinking of taking a ride to Knitting Niche in Greenwich.

I have also been working on my sock, which I am nearly finished. I had to pack that one due to metal needles, so I started the Silk Vee from Handmaiden on the plane. I'll take some photos tomorrow as its too dark here now.

By the way, did anyone see the article about us in Time Out this week? We were in the consume section under Whats New. Very exciting.

New stuff on the way for the shop that shipped this week, should be in next week or two: ArtYarns-Silk Rhapsody and other yarns. Malabrigo-more colors. Handmaiden-Sea Silk


noblinknits said...

That all sounds like fun!

Jill said...

I didn't realise horseshoe crabs came in so close to the shore! They really look from a bygone age. Enjoyed reading about the yarn places, that sea looks so inviting....from a very hot, humid London.

knittingingrid said...

Hey Michelle - sounds like you are having a bit of a busman's holiday! The weather looks gorgeous - it is very sticky here and I wish I could hang out at Stash Yarns every day enjoying the air conditioning! Look forward to seeing you when you get back.

Anonymous said...

OT--but I love the yarn your clapotis is in--what yarn is it? The colors are wonderful.

Thank you--Katy