Monday, February 28, 2011

Too many projects, too little time

I definitely have too many projects going on right now. I don't know which one to work on first, so I have been working on each a little at a time. Yesterday, I did some spinning, knitting, and crochet all in one day. I started off by stringing the remainder of the beads onto the yarn for the last piece for the Crochet Club. I knit booties for the display at Make and Mingle. As soon as I sew them up, there will be photos. The rest of the time was spent spinning my yummy Polworth top from Spirit Trail Fiberworks.

At first I was having a bit of a fight with this stuff. I looked around on the internet, and discovered that this fiber is supposed to be easy to work with, softer than Merino. I'd say that the first portion of the bobbin is not going to be great, I was pulling way too hard to draft. Then I discovered that if I fluffed it up a lot, and took it in small pieces, it drafts like a dream. I am making a worsted yarn using the Short Draw, or Inchworm method.

I am convinced that spinning to music helps, currently addicted to The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. It won Album of the Year at the Grammys, and it was much deserved! Check it out, its amazing!

Excuse my slippers on the floor! I had to get my daughter to take the photo. Here is a closeup of the color. Its going to be a beautiful semi-solid of sea blues.

May I also add how much I am enjoying my Woolee Winder. I bought it at Rhinebeck this past October. It's so nice not to have to stop all the time to adjust the yarn on the bobbin. Everything winds on so evenly, and the bobbins are larger than the ones that came with my wheel. The guys over there are super nice as well. This was a great addition to my wheel!

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Jennifer said...

Ooh - it's gorgeous...slippers and all. You are so talented. I can't wait to see the loom. ; )