Saturday, February 19, 2011


In another one of our TransAtlantic moments, Nathalie and I both joined the Spririt Trail Fiberworks Combination Club. I really don't need any more projects right now, but I love her stuff. I also thought it was a fantastic idea, half yarn and half fiber. It runs for 6 months. The first installment just arrived, and I don't know whether to just cuddle with it, or start spinning immediately! Its 100% Polworth Top.

This is SOOO Nathalie's color by the way. She is going to flip. I've sent her a spoiler photo as I don't think it will reach her for a few days. I think I have to cuddle it before I start spinning because...

I have begun the second installment of the Crochet Club. She has us beading this time. Its not the best photo, not blocked, but you can get the idea.

The next panel has over 200 beads. Will post a photo when its finished.

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