Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunshiny Day

It doesn't happen much lately. I used to tell people that everything they had heard about the weather in the UK was not true, that it wasn't grey and rainy all the time. Unfortunately for the past two summers, it is very true. I was lucky to fly to the sunshine this summer, but since I have been back we have only had about one day of sunshine a few weeks ago. Today was a great one! We took full advantage and drove out to a picture perfect pub in Cobham, Surrey.


My husband looks the part with his pint, sitting outside in the garden. The kids are on a climbing frame somewhere behind me. Notice the squinting, a side effect of sunshine!!! When we got home, I let the piggies out on the grass to enjoy what may be the only nice day they may see for a while.


I enjoyed a bit of knitting beside them on my February Lady Sweater. I am loving this color, Happy Forest from Dream in Color. I know it is close to the one in the photo for the pattern, but to be honest, I have had my eye on that one since we started stocking the yarn, and it had to be done.


It looks small in the photo, but I have tried it on, and it fit with a bit of stretching. Nathalie said hers was the same. It would make sense with garter stitch at the top. I am loving the lace pattern, it is one of those that you can memorize in a second. I can work on it and talk at the same time. Not something I can usually do with lace.

Last but not least, I found the coolest app for my Iphone. It is a row counter. It not only does rows, but pattern repeats, and even increases. I have been waiting for a counter like this forever! Just go to the App store, and search for Knitting. It was the only thing that came up. Just a quick download and you can count to your hearts content!


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Jackie said...

oh, nice! I'm gonna download that one.