Thursday, July 10, 2008


Its (sort of) summertime here in London. More like eternal springtime, which can sometimes be nice. The kids are finishing school this week, and I am looking forward to sleeping in, and not having to make packed lunches! I will be making my annual pilgrimage to Connecticut next week to enjoy some sun and sand. I will also do my best to scope out the yarn shops in CT and NYC to see if there is anything new and exciting that might be great to have at Stash.
On the knitting front, I have finally finished my Aleita vest.


I am loving the way it fits, though I had some stress regarding the tension. Why do they not tell you whether or not tension should be in the round? Maybe it doesn't effect everyone, but for me it really makes a difference. I had to do one for the bottom half, and another for the top, which was knit flat. I would imagine that if you are a beginner, you could end up having to rip this out, or have a real problem with the fit when it is finished. Anyway, its done now. I have moved on to a sleeping WIP, my Icarus shawl. I love the fact that it was about a third finished when I went back to it. Talk about instant gratification! I am on the second chart in less than a week.

As for the shop, the internet site is up and running after a few blips with the payment gateways. We are now taking both Paypal, and credit cards. I would have liked to have a stock control on the site, but as we run a separate system in the London shop, it is not possible right now. If all goes well, we will have to look into some sort of integration. Meanwhile, I have been very diligent about letting customers know if something is not in stock, which hasn't happened much anyway!

I have also put up a link on the site for a newsletter that will be published monthly. You can sign up here. I hope to have the first one out next week, and then after I come back from my trip.

Happy Knitting!


Steph said...

Aleita is lovely - great fit too. Glad to see the shop online!

jackie said...

Give a shout if you're roaming NYC.

I still owe you a bagel recipe!