Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I finally finished the Cheri Amour, though not sure how happy I am with it. The pattern was easy, and worked up quickly. I chose it not only because I liked the styling, but because everyone on Ravelry looked good in it, no matter what their shape. I am not so sure about it on me, which is why I have only photographed the back. The front photos came out horrible, though I didn't think it looked that bad in the mirror. My problem area is the tummy, and this sweater is tight in that area. Not sure its a good style for me. What would Trinny and Susannah say?

The other problem is that I followed the pattern, and blocked it to the measurements, and it is definately not as long as on the girl in the photo. Is she extremely short? I should have noticed this as I was making it, but no way I am going back now.


I'll see if I can get someone else to take the photo later, maybe it will come out different.

I am pretty proud to say that I have finished most of my WIP's, and only have the Party lace scarf left. Hope to make some progress on that this week. In the meantime I have decided that I will make some jewelry with the goodies that I purchased in NYC.

We have a new arrival in the shop today, Casbah sock yarn from Handmaiden, as well as a new shipment of Sea Silk. This time we decided to be daring, and get the yarns dyed in Fleece Artist colors. We are getting a bit tired of the others, even though they are lovely. Its good to try something new after nearly 2 years. Wouldn't you say?


Steph said...

Cheri Amour looks lovely - beautiful colours. :-)

Dawn said...

Cherie from the back looks good, I can't imagine that it's really that bad from the front. Maybe get someone to take lots of photos and choose the best!

Fiona said...

I thought you looked great in Cheri when I saw you today - I'm sure Trinny and Susannah would approve !