Monday, October 08, 2007

Working Away

I've been getting alot of knitting done lately, which is great. Finally finished the Dream in Color shrug, and actually have a photo of the finished product.


There is not much to it in the front, but it is great for a little layer of warmth, and of course the color and lace pattern are both beautiful.

We are now stocking Jade Sapphire cashmere at Stash. They have quite a few different weights, but based on our customers, we decided to do what they call the 4-ply, which is not really a 4-ply at all, but more of a DK. I am now almost halfway through my Veste Everest in the color called LIZard.


I don't think the color looks quite right here, but its been cloudy, and maybe the light isn't right. When I am ready for another one, I'll try and make sure it shows the color better. It also looks narrow, but it will definately block out to the correct size as I have checked it about a million times! I am definately going to be knitting alot this week trying to not think of my little 8 year old daughter who is away for the week on a school trip. We never went away that young when I was little!

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