Sunday, October 28, 2007


We had a visit from my parents this past week. They arrived from Florida about the time that it started to get cold here, unlucky for them. Lucky for me they brought some items that I had ordered. First came the Knitpicks wooden tips for the Options needles.


My thought is that these are going to be great for the airplane. Although British Airways has changed their policy in the past year to include knitting needles, I usually bring along bamboo circulars. This way I can bring them on without the tips, and put them on later. I haven't tried them yet, but they are very smooth, the tips look nice, and the join is nearly seamless. I have to start something new this week so that I can give them a try. The color is a bit strange, but what a great idea to do wooden tips for this set.

My next treat was 2 skeins of STR. I think I have a bit of a problem with this yarn. I keep ordering more, and I don't know why. Could it be the luscious colors? The soft feel? All of the above? All I know is that if someone starts STR Anonomous, I will have to become a member, I can't stop myself!!! Here are the two new additions:

Atomic #6

Spinel (extra yum!)

On the knitting front, I have gotten nothing done. I was nearly finished with the vest, and when my mom got here, and I started making silly mistakes. I have decided to put it aside for a short while, as per Jills good advice, and start something new. I have been wanting to make some Monkey socks with this yarn for a while, and started these last night


The color is nearly perfect in the photo, I love them.

Last but not least, who are these two ladies? What a lovely shop!


On another note, don't forget that Knit Witches yarns will be in the shop from next Saturday. Come in and check them out!

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