Thursday, December 07, 2006

Secret Santa and Debbie Bliss

Its been another busy week here at Stash, and life in general. I was just getting over my illness from last week, when we had a dinner out on Sunday. It was a lovely truffle evening at Isola Del Sole with a bunch of friends, and lots of wine. I ended up with quite a hangover the next day, which didn't help in my recovery! I ended up with a bout of asthma yesterday, fun! Anyway, lets get back to the weeks activities, shall we.
Monday evening we had a visit from Debbie Bliss. She brought along a giant bag packed full of samples for us to try on.


Here is a shot of Mary in one of the sweaters. It is really great to be able to try them on and see how they look on you instead of a model in a book.


Debbie also gave an interesting talk about the design process, how she gets her ideas etc. We learned about how she chooses her color palette, and how the whole book publishing thing works. I think everyone enjoyed meeting her, she is very friendly.


Yesterday was the knitting group Christmas party and secret santa swap. I can't believe what Fiona made for me. It is actually the first time that anyone has ever knitted something for me. They are exactly my colors!


I love them!

P.S. I forgot to include a photo of the fab flowers that Lesley made for all of us at the party. I found a photo of it on Brigids blog for all to admire!


Anonymous said...
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Brigid said...

Wish I had managed to get to the Debbie Bliss evening. Never mind - I really enjoyed Wednesday. Hope you're feeling better.