Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Leaf Lace

Its been nice to have a few days with not much to do. We went to some friends for Christmas yesterday, then to the gym today with the girls. Eric is determined to get in shape for skiing in February. I took the girls for a swim, and decided to try a few laps. I was told that swimming is good for asthma as it increases your lung capacity. I don't think I was ready as I am still coughing a little. I did 4 lengths, which is a bit pathetic for someone who normally works out a few times a week. I guess I'll get there. I keep reminding myself that just over a week ago, I couldn't walk up the stairs without panting. Anyway, its been a good excuse to do lots of knitting. I did a quick pair of socks for Larissa in Lornas Laces. What fun to do aran/worsted weight socks! They knit up in no time flat.


My next project is the Cocoon Lace scarf in Jaggerspun Zephyr. It is my first real lace project. I have done lace in socks and heavier yarns, but never in such a fine weight yarn. I did need a bit of help from Nic on Saturday. Check out this neat counter that Wibbo gave me, its really handy, and cute!


I've even had a chance to do a bit of spinning after getting some handy tips from Diane. More on that later.

Tomorrow I get to hang out all day at home and wait for the Fleece Artist/Handmaiden order to show up. Can't wait to see it all, already planning my next socks!


Nickerjac said...

Nice to see the lace growing well :)

Hannah said...

Please please please can you put aside a skein of Fleece Artist Amethyst and two skeins of the Misti chunky alpaca cream/white for me? I will try to get to the shop on Jan 2nd. I swim to help my asthma and it really helps.

Michelle said...

The shop is closed this week. I can put it aside on Tuesday if you email the shop to remind me.

Anonymous said...

Keep a note of any perfumes, or new cleaners you may have been in contact with or paint or a new computer etc. notice if you feel better in fresh air. What started for me as 'occupational asthma' developed into a severe allergy to many fragranced everyday items.