Wednesday, October 18, 2006

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Lots of things happening around here. This weekend I had a great day out with Ingrid at the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace. It was really nice to go with a friend as I went alone last year. We were very organized, and mapped out which stalls we wanted to see ahead of time. We had signed up for a couple of classes, the first one of which we missed due to too much talking. The one we did make it to was with Lucy Neatby. At first I thought it was a bit basic, but then she showed us a really interesting method of casting off which I have to try. It is more like knitting, but you get the same result. We did get a chance to see the knitted Ferrari:


It is quite unbelievable, though I don't know how the woman didn't get bored to death.

I did allow myself to make some purchases. It is a bit hard to do when you own a yarn shop, but here we go:


On the left is some lovely hand dyed Wensleydale roving. Then going clockwise is some handspun, hand dyed silk from a woman in the Isle of Skye. Next is a cotton/linen mix from They had some beautiful yarns, and I asked for some color cards for the shop. Last but not least is a skein of Terra from The Fibre Company. Nathalie loves their yarns, and we are thinking of getting them for the shop. I can't wait for her to see this skein in person.

The big news, drumroll please, is that Diane has joined us to work in the shop, and definately fits right in. She is pretty much as mad about knitting as we are, and she started yesterday. Check out her blog.

Gotta run, shop opens in 20 minutes!


heather said...

Congratulations on choosing Diane to work with you. I think she is fantastic, and very clever and innovative with whatever she does. I am sure this next year will be very inspiring for you all.

Auntie Noo said...

Hve been reading your blog for a while - I live in Guildford so am waiting for a cash windfall to visit your shop!! - It was me that directed Diane to your blog and job opportunity, so hope it works out well for all of you. I know she's super enthusiastic, and a very clever lady with her yarns!!!