Friday, March 31, 2006

Cashmere Sweater and Handspun

I finally finished this sweater for my daughter. I started it on our ski trip last month, but haven't had alot of time to knit lately. It was supposed to be a pattern from a Debbie Bliss book, but I have changed it quite alot. First of all, I made the body in one piece on a circular so there would be less sewing. Then my daughter decided that she wanted frilly sleeve edges, so had to add that in. The yarn is from ColourmartUK. When working with this yarn, it resembles kitchen twine, and is not very pleasant. I couldn't wait to finish. The yarn has no give, and is oiled. When you are all finished, you throw it in the wash, and what comes out is the softest, most beautiful knitted fabric. It is quite unbelievable, and the price is right.

I also have to share with you a photo of the most unbelievably beautiful skein of yarn. It is the first finished skein produced by Nathalie. I can't believe that she just learned to spin. I think I need to take some lessons from her!

Now I am off to Florida for two weeks with the kids. Hope to get some knitting done by that pool, which is what alot of ladies do down there. I'll keep you posted.

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PnP said...

Oh my gosh Michelle, I adore the sweater that you knit with Richard's cashmere for your daughter. I would LOVE to make one for my little girl. Did you happen to make notes while knitting? I love to knit on circulars as well and it would be great to be able to follow your lead.