Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Natural Dye Studio

Last night we kicked off our Yarn of the Month, The Natural Dye Studio with our monthly Yarn Tasting evening. I think I speak for everyone that attended by saying that a great time was had by all. First of all, the yarns are simply lovely. 


You can see for yourself by the display, we have been sent quite a variety of colors and yarns. Second of all, and maybe one of the reasons to have attended last evening was the sample's that were provided. I have to say that they have gone above and beyond what we expected. What a presentation! Everyone received one of these beauties. I didn't want to open mine up!


Each of these skeins contained something like 10 mini skeins, each with a tag describing the yarn. Our only problem was how to wind them, but no one seemed too bothered. I copied Nathalie and put it around my neck and wound by hand.

Here is what it looked like opened up.


And here is everyone enjoying the evening!


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