Thursday, January 18, 2007


It has been forever since I have posted anything. I think its mostly because I haven't had much to say since the new year. I have done some knitting, but not much. The shop has been a bit quiet, mostly due to this horrible weather! Today was like a hurricane. No one wants to be outside on a day like that. It has also been so dark that its hard to take photos of anything. I managed to take some today in the shop, where the lighting is pretty good.
This hat is a Handmaiden kit that we had in the shop. It is for my husband, who is never cold, so I can never knit for him. We went out last week, and I noticed that he was wearing the most horrible hat, so this is for him. I really like how the colors came out, they didn't really pool, they made a design of their own. It is so soft, who can resist cashmere!

Cashmere hat

Here is my Fleece Artist sock, I have just started on the second one. Hoping to have them on my feet by sometime next week!
Fleece Artist finsished
Sorry this doesn't look that great, this new Blogger is not very easy to use!


Christine said...

I just wanted to let you know that I finally knit up my Silkwood yarn from Stash! I love, love, love the Contessa yarn. I made a scarf - there is a photo over on my blog!

Wibbo said...

I like the hat!

DianeM said...

New Blogger is driving me nuts! I think I'm going to move soon...